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Was the 1989 Tiananmen Square Massacre a Failure of Civil Disobedience?

The 1989 Tiananmen Square Massacre in China or the June Fourth Incident was one of the most famous student protests in the world’s history. The Massacre took place on June 4th 1989 – the last day of a series of pro-democracy demonstrations around Tiananmen Square beginning from April 14. The Tiananmen protest ended in tragic failure and bloodbath as the Chinese state decided to put down the protest with a martial law. At last, army troops and tanks were sent to take control of the city and were ordered to clear the square by firing at the crowd of protesters. The number of deaths has been a matter of controversy over the world until now, which ranges from several hundreds to thousands. In spite of the massiveness and the great influence of the protest, June Fourth was a great failure of civil disobedience because of its lack of organization and the dominant power of the Chinese dictatorial government. The root of protest came into existence since the early of 1980s after the death of Mao ZeDong – the first chairman of the Communist party of China – in 1976. Since the communist party came to power, it had conducted many social and economic campaigns that had tremendous influence on the nation. The total domination of the socialist government towards the society caused many mistakes that made China face many disasters, for example, the severe famine caused the death of 30 million people from 1959 to 1961 (Zhao 42), or the Cultural Revolution which annihilated traditional culture and murdered a lot of intellectuals. In 1978, the new leaders decided to reform to rescue the Chinese economy which was on the verge of collapse. They corrected the past mistakes with an open-door policy on all areas from economy to culture, thus loo... ...down the student demonstrations and somehow killed the revolution spirit of the people, the world will always remember the Tiananmen protest as significant, bravery and dramatic civil disobedience in the pursuit for democracy. Works Cited Branigan, Tania. â€Å"China lifts ban on Tiananmen sites.† 3 August 2008. . Mackerras, Colin. â€Å"June Fourth.† Dictionary of the Politics of the People’s Republic of China. 1st ed. 1998. Pei, M. From Reform to Revolution: The Demise of Communism in China and the Soviet Union. Harvard University Press, 1994. Zhang, Liang. The Tiananmen papers. Ed. Andrew J. Nathan and Perry Link. 1st ed. New York: Public Affairs, 2001. Zhao, Dingxin. The power of Tiananmen. Chicago and London: The University of Chicago Press, 2001.

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Physical Beauty vs Inner Beauty

Physical Beauty vs. Inner Beauty Beauty is an aspect; a characteristic that a person has which can be defined as anything that appeals the other person. Let it be your personality, your looks or even your habits, beauty can have various forms. Similarly, we have physical beauty, which can be a person’s elegance, features, figure, or complexion, and inner beauty can be your personality traits, your habits or even your sense of humor. The definition of beauty keeps on changing based on what every individual perceives. Scientific research showed that physical beauty was usually defined when a person had the face structure that was close to being symmetrical; he/she was often referred to as being beautiful. Inner beauty is a concept that is related to the intellect or other factors that pleases other people. Usually, people who have pure intentions towards others and can serve to be role models are said to have inner beauty. The difference between both types of beauty is evident but when it comes to applying it practically, inner beauty leads the way. Even if you look at the way we run now a days if you find someone physically appealing and you personally know him or her and the personality that they have, you are the best judge of their character. One may be beautiful from the outside, but beauty lies within the person not outside. Even if the person is an epitome of beauty, an appalling personality will erase any type of loveliness they have on his or her face. The same is the case with those who are beautiful on the inside, they may not be beautiful on the outside, but their personality is such that they are still appealing to those who know them. They may be the personification of physical beauty but what lies inside is what matters the most at the end of the day. Vanity, greed, jealous or the other sins may come to any person in any form but knowing who you are is the important factor in life. Therefore, inner beauty wins this argument when it comes to being practical, it is the person that you are which matters to people not the way you look. Even though looks do count to an extent, if you have the traits of a lovable person, no looks can match up to it. It is the purity within that out shines on the face and if their insides are not ntainted, it is bound to show to the people, despite the looks that you may have. Beauty may be in the eyes of the beholder, but it is equally true that every culture has standards for physical attractiveness- standards that can have tremendous influence in many areas of our lives. Although we know that it is who we are on the inside that really counts, we cannot dismiss the role outward charac teristics- particularly facial features- play in forming personal relationships, being accepted into social groups and opening doors to careers and other opportunities. Today, we are divided into races and cultures and are spread all around the world. Our features and intellect may be the same, but there is always a factor in everyone that makes them distinctive from others. When both these types of beauties play important parts, one can never decide which is more important. Everyone takes these matters in different ways but the fact remains the same, inner beauty contributes the most in the practical life. Outer beauty normally refers to your outer physical appearance the way you dress, walk, talk; every action that you make can be defined as â€Å"outer beauty†. Inner beauty on the other hand refers mostly to how kind hearted, friendly or your sensibilities and weather you are at peace with yourself. References Www. Chabad. org/the Jewish women/ article-cdo /aid/39778/ Jewish /undercover. htm www. A women’s Journey of Understanding Modesty-Inner and Outer Beauty. com Sole, K. 92010). Essentials of College Writing. San Diego, Bridgepoint Education, Inc. (https://content. ashford. edu/AUENG121. 10. 1) http://www. ashfordwritingcenter. com/

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Causes and Effects of Smoking in Our Life - 990 Words

Smoking has become one of the world’s main concerns after the realization of its effect on human health. Tobacco was first introduced by Native Americans. Tobacco was known to be harmless and a stress reliever. Eventually, smoking became popular all over the world and as normal as food. The increase in technology has brought out all the negative aspects and the side effects of smoking. Scientific analysis has proven that smoking is one of the main causes for death in the world. Since smoking has become a part of everyday life, quitting smoking has become even harder for those who are addicted. Advertisements and peer pressure cause smoking with its devastating, life-threatening effects. Advertisements in the past were responsible for†¦show more content†¦According to â€Å"Teens Health,† â€Å"Smoking leads people to develop health problems like heart disease, stroke, emphysema, and many types of cancer, including lung, throat, stomach, and bladder cancer. Peo ple who smoke also have an increased risk of infections, like bronchitis and pneumonia.† The article has also provided many other problems a person may experience: rapid heartbeat, decreased circulation, greater risk of injury and slower healing time. Smoking affects the bodys ability to produce collagen which will cause the body to heal more slowly in smokers than nonsmokers. Shortness of breath and an increased risk of illness with health problems that increases as you smoke more. These effects limit a persons ability to be normally active, and they can be fatal. Studies provided by the article have proven that in the United States, smoking was responsible for about one out of five deaths (â€Å"Teens†). Smoking is more designed to kill and not to help people’s health. This is the first thing every smoker has to understand. It can cause death in return for some relaxation that has been designed to do. Quitting this habit is not impossible but people need to sto p and think before they start smoking. Advertisements on smoking have been banned after the realization of how badly smoking is affecting health. Cigarette manufacturers started to use anti-smoking warnings on the front of the cigarettes packets because of theShow MoreRelatedHarmful Effects of Smoking1418 Words   |  6 PagesHarmful effects of smoking Doan Thi Huong Thao BAIU08155 International University HCMC Academic English 2 Bien Thi Thanh Mai Instructor May 17, 2010 Abstract Smoking is known to be a primary cause of harmful effects on health, family, environment and society. However, scientist research in health and environment, that researches show that smoking cause many diseases, even lung cancer. An aim of my study has been to determine that smoking also effect on family and society. Results indicatedRead MoreQuit Smoking For a Better Future Essay608 Words   |  3 PagesAmerica alone are smoking associated. Smoking reduces the life of an average smoker by 12 years. According to WHO, Smoking is estimated to cause 10 million deaths worldwide per year by 2010. Smoking has many hazardous effects on both smokers and the people around smokers. It’s damaging the environment and contributing to the global warming. Being a dentist it’s my responsibility to discuss the damaging effects of smoking and persuade everyone to quit smoking or to never start smoking. First, let usRead MoreEffects Of Smoking Essay946 Words   |  4 PagesIntroduction Smoking has become a usual thing in our culture of recent. A person with a cigarette, E-Cigarette, Hookahs and Weed Cigarettes has become the norm in our society: we can see them on the streets, actors smoke in movies, there are also book characters who smoke, we have relatives, friends or someone we look up to who smoke. Starting as mainly as a part of a religious ritual a long time ago, smoking has become a routine thing for us in recent times, not giving thoughts to the many effects of smokingRead MoreEffects Of Smoking On The Mind And Body1578 Words   |  7 Pagesthe past century smoking has been integrated into our society, and it has been lingering without any uproar. The beginning of the 20th century was a time where smoking cigarettes was something a doctor would do in a hospital after surgery. Smoking was so common around that time youths were even indulging into the harmful habit with no penalties. In today’s time, there is a significant amount of awareness to the destructive nature of smoking, and any other tobacco product. Science has reachedRead MoreSmoking Essay1452 Words   |  6 Pages Smoking cigarettes could affect your life drastically but, imagine what could happen to the other people around you. Harmful smoke can cause second hand smoking to the ones around you whether its loved ones, friends or just a regular person. Although smoking could be hard for others to quit, it’s a desperate call to stop because cigarettes cause underlying diseases. It has been scientifically proven that the highest number causes of a persons death is due to smoking if they do consumeRead MoreThe Dangers of Smoking Are Overemphasized670 Words   |  3 Pageslives every year. I think the dangers of smoking are overemphasized but our society chooses not to take it serious by ignoring all the information that is given to them and instead choose to harm their own body by smoking tobacco. Smoking is a self- destructive behavior that effects the smoker mentally, physically, emotional and econom ically. Anti-smoking campaigns and Ads spend billions of dollars every year trying to discourage adults and teens from smoking and improve public health. Every humanRead MoreThe Cause of Poverty in Mexico1527 Words   |  7 PagesThe Causes of Poverty in Mexico | |[pic] |Are you aware that 20 million people in Mexico live on less than two dollars a day? Sixty million people, half the Mexican | |population, live in poverty, and 20 million of them live in extreme poverty. Most of the time, garbage is their food, and some | |days, they don’t even eat anything. This critical situation in Mexico is caused by individual, geographic and political factors. | |The purpose of this essay is to analyze these three main causesRead MoreEssay on The Costs of Cigarette Smoking.888 Words   |  4 PagesThe Costs of Cigarette Smoking Cigarette smoking causes a variety of life threatening diseases, including lung cancer, emphysema, and heart disease. In the UK about 120,000 people die each year due to smoking. A half of all smokers die from smoking related diseases.0 There are many ingredients in tobacco smoke which are harmful to our health in different ways.1 Some of the ingredients are tar, carbon monoxide, nicotine and other chemicals and additives suchRead MorePersuasive Speech On Smoking1591 Words   |  7 PagesAbstract Smoking is the most preventable leading cause of death in the United States and causes many health risk such as lung cancer, and heart and blood vessel complication. My main purpose of this persuasive speech is to convince people that smoking is harmful for themselves, the people around them and their wallets. In 2015 and estimated of 36.5 million people were current smoker (Jamal, A., King, B. A., Neff, L. J., Whitmill, J., Babb, S. D., Graffunder, C. M., 2016). In addition smoking doesn’tRead MoreEffects of the Increased Smoking Trend688 Words   |  3 Pagespercentage of people who smoke. The trend has spread widely over the years throughout the world. Smoking is a trend that did not start in the recent years but its history dates back to early 5026 BC. Surprisingly it was first used just for the medication purposes as opium was considered to have some medical properties. One of the reasons behind this wide spread of smoking tradition is the portrayal of smoking in movie s and television, no doubt, this encouraged people to smoke and created a concept in

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The Commodification of Disease Essay - 548 Words

The commodification of disease is a rapidly growing trend internationally. Most notably, this is prominent in every type of cancer to various degrees. Consumers buy into marketing tactics and get a sense of gratification when they purchase items branded with a cancer ribbon or other known symbol. Through the perspective and lens of the Uses and Gratifications theory, you can see the different reasons as to what drives consumers to purchase these products and engage in a type of cancer culture within our society. Uses and Gratifications theory has been used to discover why consumers use different forms of media in order to feel a sense of fulfillment within themselves. Through an array of media, this theory has been proven to be effective†¦show more content†¦An example of this would be in Japan, where it has been suggested that the media is used to sustain a certain view of their society and behaviors (Rubin 1993). Other notes: Another approach to a study on uses and gratifications could be working backwards from pleasures and gratifications to needs (Katz, Blumler and Gurevitch 1973). Whichever way you proceed with a study, you need to systemize categories of the needs and wants of people to gauge the gratification from a particular type of media (Katz, Blumler and Gurevitch 1973). How it has been used in a past study: To further show the parallel of how Uses and Gratifications theory can be applied to participating in cancer culture, the first step is to see how it has worked within another study. Darrin Brown, Sharon Lauricella, Aziz Douai and Arshia Zaidi conducted a study on why media consumers are drawn to crime drama television shows, through a Uses and Gratifications approach. They’re method of research was a survey that yielded 130 responses, and out of those 88 were applicable to their research; they also included 4 open ended questions within their survey. Through variables of sex, age and other qualities, they were able to see exactly who reached more gratification watching these television shows. Men had more gratification than women, the older you were the more you enjoyed them, and the more hours you viewed these dramas, the less enjoyable they were (Brown, Lauricella, Douai, ZaidiShow MoreRelatedSelecting the Gender of a Baby: The issue on whether parents should be allowed to choose the sex1500 Words   |  6 Pagesadvantages that support the use of the procedure to allow parents to choose the sex of their offspring is the fact that it promotes early detection of diseases like Alzheimer’s disease and cancer through scientific means. Parents should be allowed to choose their offspring’s sex because it gives them an opportunity to screen their embryos for any diseases that can later affect the growth and development of their fetuses. Secondly, gender selection through Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis should beRead MoreEssay about Cronon Review1262 Words   |  6 Pagesecosystems and the degree to which these changes result from the relationship between Indians and colonists and changes in the dominant modes of production. He argues that the transition to European agriculture, and the unsustainable extraction and commodification that accompanied capitalism led to changes in the reciprocal relationships between humans and the environment. Cronon begins by explaining two important concepts that lay the groundwork for his book. He details historical theories about theRead MoreAmerica s Health Care System Essay1615 Words   |  7 Pagesethnicity to income. There is a powerful connection between health and income. Low-income families are not typically capable of affording health care. Not having proper health care is accompanied with harmful health issues. As stated, â€Å"Poverty, disease, and illness often go together† (Macionis, p.41) Social Capital, Income Inequality, and Mortality has helped support that statement. Statistics proved that in 1990, mortality rates for poverty were at 57%. The underclass does not have the resourcesRead MoreThe Ethics Of Human Cloning918 Words   |  4 Pageswould give people another way to have children of their own, helpful to infertile people and people with hereditary genetic diseases. (148). Leon Kass explains that people might also seek human cloning to substitute for a dear relative (149). Harris contends that increased diversity from human cloning can reduce and possibly eliminate the risk of inheriting genetic diseases (148). Kass adds that human cloning increases possibility for carry ing out genetic selection and producing humans with healthierRead MoreChanges in the Land Essay1519 Words   |  7 Pagescommunities only produced a small margin of surplus beyond their own needs. 2. How did their â€Å"occupation† influence the natural development of the landscape? With the absence of the great Indian population following the spread of English old world diseases through the fur trade, the landscape changed drastically. Ironically, the English jumped on the opportunity to claim new land following each epidemic. Freed from the annual burnings, and soon to be subject an entirely different agricultural regimeRead MoreAnalysis Of The Article Land s End : Capitalist Relations On An Indigenous Frontier ``1558 Words   |  7 Pagesbetween capitalism and the economic development of the Sulawesi. She then went on to define some vocabulary, such as â€Å"capitalism†; commodification†, â€Å"food sovereignty†, and the phrase â€Å"capitalism from above and below†. First, she defined capitalism as the shift from transactions performed freely to transactions performed under the law. Second, she defined commodification as inputs that were characterized by markets, such as goods, land, and labour that could be bought and sold. Third, she definedRead MoreEconomic Development And Development Of Welfare1640 Words   |  7 Pagesof traditional social protections, commodification of labor, and the emergence of a new social category of the laboring poor dependent on the insecure labor market. In addition to establishing the above-described functional demand for welfare state intervention, industrialization also created economic resources that could be used by public authorities to address the social needs. The initial need and availability of resources eventually led to de-commodification of labor and led to the creation ofRead MoreThe Slave Trade of Europe and The Americas That Lasted 350 Years1050 Words   |  4 Pagescaptives. When enslaved Africans were purchased by European merchants at the cost, they were branded with hot iron before going on The Middle Passage. Because the slaves were often clustered together, â€Å"branding allowed for easy sorting as well as commodification.† While at sea the conditions of the ships where not suitable for human habitation. The African captives were treated like cattle, and packed on the ship like sardines. The two forms of packing that was done were loose packing, and tight packingRead MoreA Marxist Lens On Society And Ideology989 Words   |  4 Pageshad a tremendous impact on society and ideology. His theories, collectively understood as Marxism, surmise that the essential qualities governing all societies are economics and class struggle. Marx was particularly concerned with capitalism, commodification, inequality, and exploitation. Within the context of this class, a Marxist lens is essential because it provides context for the social justice issues examined. Through Marx we can, for instance, see that the hardships Shakespeare ChristmasRead MoreBuddhism And Its Impact On Society Essay1263 Words   |  6 Pagesthe cycle of rebirth. Many Buddhists claim that the ultimate reason for the body’s health and disease is karma. In the Buddhist belief, karma determines the appearance and health of the body, and can guarantee well being in future life’s by practicing Buddhist acts. Just like karma can bring health and well being, it could also bring disease. Buddhists also claim that denigrating the Dharma leads to disease. In the Lotus Sutra, it warns that disrespecting the faithful who worship the text will lead

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Conflict and Omagh Essay - 1053 Words

CONFLICT AND OMAGH ESSAY Conflict is an inevitable occurrence that occurs throughout all woks of life and its effect expand far beyond the individual person and pose a significant impact on the wider community. Conflicts can be as small as a disagreement with friends or family or as big as a bombing or war. Conflict can be expressed as a fight or struggle due to a clash between people with opposing beliefs or interests. Conflict occurs in social settings and has a great impact on a persons daily life and the lives of those in the society. Conflict is part of life of humans. It can be in various types such as racial conflicts such as in the Middle Eat, religious conflict, Bali Bombing and September 11, cultural or inner conflict. As†¦show more content†¦He was a man great courage and tolerance. He taught his followers to ‘adopt a peaceful course of action to avoid all violence’. Similar to Gandhi, he also rejected violence. In the 1950’s, Mandela was arrested and imprisoned for twenty-seven years. After that twenty-seven years of imprisonment, he would have seeked revenge but he didn’t, because he believed in avoiding conflict. Instead, he kept teaching peace and equality. Mandela led a life that symbolizes the triumph of human spirit. Latter in 1994, he led South Africa as President. It is people like Nelson Mandela that try and circumvent conflict even when a human is concerned. Martin Luther King was and African American that tried to end racial discrimination, which is a hug issue n our society today. He fought and stood up equality amongst all people. He was inspired of Gandhi’s success with non-violent activism. He stood up for what was right. He didn’t respond with violence but just spoke out publically. Conflict is everywhere, it is how it is dealt with that matters. The three great men dealt with conflict by teaching good values and principles, and proves that violence is not the only way to resolve conflict. Te Gallagher family encountered conflicts. When Michael was caught up with all the meetings , he was neglecting the family and there was no one to look after the family at home most of the times. In theShow MoreRelatedWhy Does Conflict Arise in Organizations3618 Words   |  15 PagesWhy does conflict arise in organizations, and how it can be managed ABSTRACT This essay seeks to illustrate how organizational conflict cannot be avoided. It will demonstrate the various ways in which conflict may arise within organizations and classify them into a range of groups. There will be a thorough analysis to show if conflict is positive or negative towards the growth of an organization. Findings of the previous will then lead to different mechanisms that can be used when managing conflict

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Consumer Trust in E-commerce

Question: Analyse methods of determining the size and structure of markets and of segmenting particular markets. Evaluate strategies of promoting sales at different sales at different product types and services and identify the interrelationship to broaden company strategies. Evaluate the extent to which the Internet aids modern working practices. Demonstrate a critical awareness of the scope of e-commerce and its benefits in business and its practical and commercial limitations.? Answer: Introduction Today the concept of business is not limited to the traditional norms and ways. With the advancement in technologies and the era of internet dominance, it is found that the internet retailing is gaining increasing trust. E-commerce is penetrating into the market and the organisations rapidly. It has quite an impact on the lives of the people and boundaries between nations, and the information systems are fading with the same pace. A wide opportunity is present to the consumers as well as the marketers. The consumers can find and buy items from overseas with just a click and companies can broaden their market scope. Also, it is found that due to the efficiency of the service, the consumers are finding it increasingly trustworthy and satisfactory to resort to e-commerce sites than by going to traditional shops. Thus, the following paragraphs will discuss the consumer segments and the strategies to utilize this trust in marketing of important brands (Reedy and Schullo, 2004). Situational Analysis The situational analysis is done to understand the external and internal environmental force of the e-commerce market. The external force is further divided into micro and macro environmental forces and is described through PESTLE and Porter's 5 forces respectively. This analysis provides the competitive advantage (Lee and Huh, 2010). PESTLE Analysis Political- The political force is only fostering the growth of e-commerce sites as it is cheaper and faster, and the government has little access over what is being done in the internet websites. Economic- The cheap access to the internet, the recent recession and the trend in globalisation has roused the interest in the e-commerce site. But the downsizing of many companies and rising oil price has lead to huge shipping cost, this in turn lead to lower consumer spending (Abdallah and Maghrabi, 2009). Social- The fast speed internet and the access of internet-enabled gadgets to a greater section of the population have increased the popularity. Also, e-commerce is found to be cost effective as it does not require travelling and hence is considered a huge benefit. Technological- The largely available internet enabled phones, laptops and tabs along with the apps and latest software have made e-shopping as easy as clicking. Legal- Apart from some Cybercrime regulations and the industry standards the legal forces are minimal in causing any effect. Environmental- The sustainable opportunity due to the absence of construction wastage and large billing paper and energy consumption, the concept of e-commerce is totally eco-friendly. The micro environmental forces are defining the competitive advantage. Porter's 5 Forces Bargaining power of suppliers- The e-retailers depends upon many suppliers and distributors for the delivery of raw materials and finished products. Thus the companies have quite an influence on deciding the costs and improving features, but maintaining such a supply base is hard, and thus the suppliers possess much power to change their rates. Bargaining power of customers- Since these companies have a huge international customer base, all these people are buying individually. Thus they are unable to form association or groups, and hence they wield very less power over the companies. The threat of new entrants- There are a lot of new firms entering into the e-commerce business every day. It requires less time and finance in setting up and hence is a very interesting ground. But, the already established companies do not find any stiff competition from the new markets. Having a trademark is essential to protect one's business, and innovation is the strategy to be applied. The threat of substitutes- The physical shops, stores and the TV shops are the substitutes that are present but they are tedious processes, and it is hard to compare the prices and hence does not provide much competition. The threat of rivals- The competition is neck to neck among the largest selling e-retailers with each company vying to be the ultimate consumer choice. It is the strategy to provide the best rates and convenience and unique set of products to fight the completion. Competitor Analysis The type of retailers is the brick and mortar traditional retailers, the online rivals and the indirect companies. The low entry prices and the low costs, thousands of small and medium sized enterprises are gaining access to the e-retailing business. Even large establishes physical stores have opened their internet portals to distribute and conduct transactions. Companies like Amazon and e-bay are at loggerheads with even Wal-mart gaining access. Hence, there is a need to create consumer trust on the brand to drive the consumers away from another brand (JaÃÅ'ˆrvelaÃÅ'ˆinen, 2013). This trust could be the outcome of customer satisfaction established due to excellent service or delivery or due to the lower and comparative process offered than the market. Finally consumer satisfaction and trust could be the result of the range of items and varieties available. Hence, a competitive advantage of the e-commerce sites than the physical stores are its huge product range displayed t ogether or the ease of convenience and the attractive prices and offers. Also, attention should be paid while choosing suppliers and distributors to form long-term strategic partnerships. Further assessment of the competitors and the strengths and weaknesses will provide some added edge (Abyad, 2011). Market Segmentation The target market is to be designed after deciding the positioning strategy. The price of the product, the competitive advantage will decide which target market is to be selected. The target market is to be selected through some steps (Alessandra, 2006). Demographic- the age and Social Economic Class of the people who are to be targeted through the marketing strategies. Psychographic- the mindset and the product choices of the people will decide whether they are to be targeted. Behavioural- the consumer behaviour and brand trust developed will decide who are to be marketed through the activities (Tan and Wei, 2006). Hence, the target market comprises of the people who have belief in the company. This belief could be fostered through the company reputation and size. Once a trust is build, the marketing activities done through a range of media vehicles will influence the consumers in making the purchase decision (Jones and Leonard, 2008). Marketing Strategy through Social Media Strategies are thus formulated which determines the ways e-commerce retails could be marketed among the specific target segment and position it in the market to gain competitive advantage. Firstly, the retailers of groceries and miscellaneous articles could promote themselves through advertisements on the broadcast and print media. Using the social media is also effective. But the people who will buy this product cover all the available segments and hence are widely distributed and thus creating a single page is not enough. Linking the sites with different social Medias and other websites is also essential to tap the market (Collier, 2013). The segmented retailers like apparel retailers or book stores and furniture's can target their audience through clear methods. Many social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest provide opportunities to conduct surveys and understand the consumer behaviour and choice. The number of clicks and visits in the page or the number of shares and reviews will deliver the popularity of the e-commerce companies. The social media provides exclusive platforms to introduce new companies and market their products. Paid advertisements of online stores are a common practice. Marketers even make use of games and quizzes to introduce offers and discounts and conduct sales promotion through the social media platforms. Strategies to Build Consumer Trust As it is seen from the above studies that consumer trust is the factor that is increasingly used by web retailers as a competitive advantage against traditional retailers (, 2015). Thus the strategies derived by web retailers to build consumer trust are: 1. The first strategy is to create a good looking website, with smooth navigation system. It will attract customer and will perceived as costly and valuable (Cabezudo, Arranz and Cillan, 2008). 2. Using of a reputed payment gateway service, that is easily recognized by customers and is convenient will be effective in amplifying the image. E.g. PayPal, Visa. 3. The websites must get a third party security certificate or a trust mark that will convince the customers that the portal is safe and secure. The logo of the certificate like McAfee and VeriSign will serve the purpose (Nahari and Krutz, 2011). 4. Transparency should be maintained at all level. The contact information should be clearly provided with images and site maps. This way the authenticity of the company will be established. 5. There should be clear return and cancellation policy, and the price must be shown clearly. 6. All the queries and replies to the email are to be given personally. Having a content blog would be effective. 7. The companies should add customer reviews and testimonials and integrate with social media so that a link is provided with the number of person visiting the profile. 8. An authentic domain name should be bought and keywords are to be placed so that they are search engine friendly. 9. Finally the government internet regulations and policy should be followed strictly to provide the customers with the best service. Conclusion The internet is the most user friendly system today. Retailers and entrepreneurs are using this to their advantage to build consumer trust to gain competitive advantage. The competition is huge yet it is easy to tap the market and sale their products. The wide number of features and options make the process easy. Even the environmental forces are effective in providing the best kind of opportunities to the e-marketers. Social media platforms, apps and the search engines provide a wide berth for marketing. Hence, despite of the potent risks and threats, it is a beneficial sector to invest in. References Abdallah, W. and Maghrabi, A. (2009). Do multinational companies have effective transfer pricing systems of intangible assets and eà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã‚ commerce?.Int Journal of Commerce Mgt, 19(2), pp.115-126. Abyad, A. (2011). Consumer Trust in E-commerce.MEJB, 6(3). Alessandra, A. (2006).Reach out to your customers. [S.l.: Electronic Database Pub.]. Cabezudo, R., Arranz, A. and Cillan, J. (2008). Designing Effective Websites: The Moderating Role of User Internet Experience.Journal of Internet Commerce, 6(1), pp.35-60. Collier, M. (2013).Social media commerce for dummies. Hoboken, NJ: Wiley. JaÃÅ'ˆrvelaÃÅ'ˆinen, J. (2013).Co-created effective, agile, and trusted eServices. Berlin: Springer. Jones, K. and Leonard, L. (2008). Trust in consumer-to-consumer electronic commerce.Information Management, 45(2), pp.88-95. Lee, C. and Huh, J. (2010). Website trust evaluation as cognitive information processing and the moderating role of situational involvement and e-commerce knowledge.International Journal of Internet Marketing and Advertising, 6(2), p.168. Nahari, H. and Krutz, R. (2011).Web commerce security. Indianapolis: Wiley Pub. Reedy, J. and Schullo, S. (2004).Electronic marketing. Mason, Ohio: Thomson/South-Western. Tan, G. and Wei, K. (2006). An empirical study of Web browsing behaviour: Towards an effective Website design.Electronic Commerce Research and Applications, 5(4), pp.261-271., (2015).Top 10 ways to Build Trust for your Online Store - E-commerce Learning Centre. [online] Available at: [Accessed 7 Aug. 2015].

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Livin On Country Essays - Alan Jackson, Country Music

Livin on Country The Alan Jackson Story Livin on Country is the complete story of Alan Jacksons journey from small-town Georgia to big time success. Alan represents the simple truths and homespun values that are the heart of country music. With songs that are personal yet universal, his music speaks to fans around the world. Alan has sold millions of albums, records and more than a dozen #1 hits, won numerous Academy of Country Music Awards, and been named Entertainer of the Year by the Country Music Association. Theres no denying that Alan Jackson is one of country musics greatest heroes. Country-Western music is the back bone of American life, how you can go from some one who has very little, to on top of the world. Alan Eugene Jackson was born October 17, 1958 in Newnan, Georgia. came from a family seven, his father Eugene, mother Ruth and four sisters: Diana, twins Cathy and Carol, and Connie. Meet his wife one Sunday afternoon after church at the local Dairy Queen in 1976, this was the teen hangout. Alan and Denise married on December 15, 1979. They moved to Nashville in August 1985, now they live in Brentwood, Tennessee. They have three daughters, their first daughter Mattie Denise on June 19, 1990, Alexandria Ali Jane was born on August 23, 1993, and Dani Grace was born on August 28, 1997. The author gives a lot of facts about Alans accomplishments in life and country music, but I dont believe he knew Alan personally. A lot of the facts are quotes from some of the interviews that Alan has given over the years. With enough researcher you wouldnt have to know your subject very well. The book just didnt make me feel like he knew Alan. Alan, I believe is one of the most inspirational singer/ song writers that country music has today. He does write almost all of his own material, not many can do this. Hes songs reflect on his own past and with the way that he see American life today. Some of the people that inspire him the most in country music are, the late great Hank Williams, and George Jones these two people are legends in country music. Real country is what they are about, how they see things in the real world. Life is no bed of roses, its how you live your life that makes you what you are today. With Alan Jackson singing and writing about the real world, the ups and downs in his experiences and things that he has seen makes me think back to the past. It feels good to sometimes sit back and reminisce. He is truly an inspiration to the way I see the American way.